Tutorial Transcript

Hi this is Rosa. This is Spanish weekly words Holiday’s edition and I am about to discover what the holiday for today is. So the holiday is [Corpus Christi] and it’s a holiday to celebrate the belief in the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. So the first word is Corpus Christi the same in English I think... [Durante el Corpus Christi hay una procesión] - “During the Corpus Christi, there is a procession” [eucaristía] - “Eucharist”. The Christians take the bread and the wine and it symbolizes the blood on the body of Jesus Christ. “The first time I tried wine was during Eucharist.” - [La primera vez que probé el vino fue durante una eucaristía]. [sacramento] which means “Sacrament”. “They celebrated the sacrament of forgiveness.” - [Celebraron el sacramento del perdón.] [procesión] which means “procession or ceremony”. This takes place during the Corpus Christi but also during the holy week, church or each congregation like religious congregation organized one day – have like some sculptures of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary and they take it to the streets. It’s like a kind of March. So there are a lot of different people like there is a music band and there are like some women with traditional black dress, some people that wear like a super long and like triangular hat. [Me aburren un poco las procesiones] - “I find processions a bit boring”. [alfombras florales] - “Floral carpets”. During this holiday, some people go to some churches and they carry like buckets of flowers. They make like a carpet with all the flowers the people bring. It’s very nice to see them. It’s very beautiful. [Había mucha gente en la cola con flores para las alfombras florales] - “There were a lot of people in the queue with flowers for the Floral Carpets”. And this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holidays edition. I hope you will learn something about Corpus Christi that you didn’t know before. Please go check the site. Bye.