Tutorial Transcript

Rosa Martin: Hello my name is Rosa Martin, this is Spanish weekly words. I haven’t seen these words before. So let’s get started and the topic of today is the weather and the first word is [fresco] which means “cool” but only referred to the weather. A sentence with [fresco] could be [Hoy hace fresco. ] - “today it is cool”. [tormenta (eléctrica)] - “Thunderstorm”, you would normally only say [tormenta ] instead of [tormenta (eléctrica)]. [La tormenta asustó a mi hermana] - “The thunderstorm frightened my sister”. The next word is [claro] which means “clear”. [El cielo está claro.] which could be like “the sky is clear”. The next word is [nublado] which means “cloudy”. Again [El cielo está nublado y creo que lloverá.] - “the sky is cloudy and I think it will rain”. The next word is [soleado] which means “sunny”. [Hoy está soleado e iré a dar un paseo.] - “Today it is sunny and I will go for a walk”. Okay so that’s it. Today we talked about the weather. I will see you next week, bye.