Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words and I am about to discover what the theme for this week is. It is buildings. The first word is [apartamento] which means “apartment”. [La gente que vive en las ciudades normalmente vive en apartamentos.] - “ People who live in cities normally live in apartments.” [casa] which means “house”. [Me gustaría tener una casa con un gran jardín.] “I’d like to have a house with a big garden.” [torre] which is “tower”. [La princesa vivía sola en una torre.] “The princess lived alone in a tower.” [oficina] which means “office”. [El otro día durmió en la oficina.] “The other day he slept in the office.” [ascensor] which means “elevator”. [El ascensor no funciona de nuevo.] ”The elevator isn’t working again”. And this is the end. I hope you learned something useful and hope to see you next week. Bye.