Tutorial Transcript

Rosa: Hello I am Rosa and welcome back again to Spanish weekly words. The theme of this week is at the office. So let’s go. We have [compañía] which means “company”. [Mi padre no trabaja en una compañía.] - “my father doesn’t work in a company”. The next word is [horas extras] which is “overtime”. [Tuve que trabajar dos horas extra.] - “I have to work like two more hours – two hours overtime.” I don’t know how to translate that. The next word is [reunión] which is “meeting”. [Di una presentación en la reunión.] “I gave a presentation in the meeting.” The following word is [salario] which means “salary”. [Tiene un salario bajo, pero le gusta mucho su trabajo.] - “He’s got a low salary but he really likes his job.” The next word is [compañero] which means “colleague”. [Mis compañeros son muy simpáticos.] - “my colleagues are very friendly” and that’s it for this week. So this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. Today, we talked about the office and I hope you enjoyed it. See you next week, bye.