Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Rosa. We are here in Spanish weekly words and I am about to see what the theme for today is. It’s going through customs. We have [aduana] which means “customs”. [Tuve que pagar 50 euros de aduanas para recibir el paquete.] - “I have to pay 50 euros of customs to receive the package”. The next word is [impresión de declaración] which is “declaration form”. [En el impreso de declaración tuve que escribir el dinero que llevaba.] I- “In the declaration form, I have to write pay the amount of money I was carrying”. [nacionalidad] - “Nationality”. [Él tiene doble nacionalidad.] - “He has double nationality.” [pasaporte] which means “passport”. [No necesito pasaporte para viajar a otros países de la Unión Europea.] - “I don’t need passport to travel to other countries in the European Union.” [visado] and this means “visa”. [Mi visado de estudiante duraba un año.] - “My student visa was for a whole year.” Yeah that’s the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed it. Yeah have a nice day, take care, bye.