Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words and I am about to discover what the theme for this week is. The theme for this week is tourism and the first word is… [estatua] which means “statue”. [Hay una estatua muy rara en ese parque.] “There is a very bizarre statue in that park”. [guía turístico] - “tour guide”. [En Tailandia el guía turístico no hablaba muy bien inglés.] “In Thailand, the tour guide didn’t speak English very well”. [itinerario] which means “itinerary”. [No planeé ningún itinerario.] “I didn’t plan any itinerary.” [parque] which means “park”. [Me gustaría ir de picnic al parque este fin de semana.] “I’d like to go for a picnic in a park this weekend though it’s raining.” [recorrer] which means “tour”. [Recorrí toda la ciudad de Granada en un día.] “I toured whole city of Granada in one day”. This is the end. I hope you learned something useful and I hope to see you next week. Bye.