Tutorial Transcript

Wanna speak real French from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at FrenchPod101.com. Hi, everyone, I’m Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use. Let’s begin! C'est dégoûtant! "That's disgusting!" Even if you are not a tourist, you should never use this sentence! Yeah, that's not very nice to hear. Mon pays est meilleur. "My country is better." This definitely sounds racist, so it's better to avoid it. Je préfèrerais être chez moi. "I'd rather be back home." Even if you like traveling, sometimes you'll feel like you'd prefer to be home. However, it's better to keep that thought to yourself! Ta gueule! "Shut up!" Never say this to anyone, unless it's an intimate friend! Well, a lot of people use that when they argue with other people that they don't know. I have before. Je ne suis pas très intéressé(e) par votre culture. "I'm not very interested in your culture." This is not offensive, but you'll make a bad impression. Je n'aime pas rencontrer de nouvelles personnes. "I don't like meeting new people." Being honest is good, but sometimes you may sound rude! And I know what I'm talking about, because I'm really honest. On n'a qu'à aller manger à Mac Donald's. "Let's just eat at McDonald's." French food culture is rich and people are proud of it, so avoid saying such a thing if you don’t want to hurt your French friends’ feelings! Yeah, but we do love burgers too, actually, so sometimes we go to McDonald's. Je m'en fous! "Boring!" This is a strong expression and it's not only about boredom, it also means that you couldn't care less. In certain situations, this would be extremely offensive! Ca a un goût affreux. "This tastes awful." If you can't avoid saying this, at least try smiling while you say it! Je vais passer la journée à l'hôtel. "I'm going to spend the day in the hotel." People are not likely to get upset if you say this, but you won't look smart... Yeah, why go on a trip if you want to spend your day in the hotel. Useless, right? Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which phrase do you like the most? Leave us a comment letting us know. And we'll see you next time! À bientôt! The worst thing I've heard about French people is that we don't take a shower and we don't shave our armpits. Here, I think I do. Yeah, and yes, I take a shower and I wear perfume. You can smell me if you want to. I think I smell good.