Tutorial Transcript

Yep, I hope everything is okay. Hi, everyone, this week we are going to see 10 ways on how to save the planet! Let's go! recycler "to recycle" Je recycle un maximum. "I recycle as much as I can." Yeah. In France, we actually have a bunch of different colored trash cans. There is a green one for everything green; and you have the gray one, I think it really depends on where you are living, for the regular trash. And then more plastic or recycled trash, and, so you put your things inside on different day of the week, they’ll go and pick it up. bénévole "volunteer" Je suis bénévole dans une association caritative. "I am a volunteer at a charity organization." That’s the same in every country, I think, you can be volunteering at those places. We shall have a little “I’m sick” stamp in the corner. This is gonna be fun. protéger "to protect" Dans les films, les super-héros protègent tout le monde. "In movies, superheroes protect everyone." Or do they? Unless you're Deadpool, and then you only protect yourself. Nah, he's a cool guy. Or you can “protect the environment”, protéger l’environnement. réutiliser "to reuse" Je réutilise mes sacs de courses. "I reuse my shopping bags." I do indeed, in France when you have to go shopping you need to bring your own bags, because plastic bags have been banned, or they are not given away to you freely, so you have to bring your own or else you have to buy them. And… plastic bags! réduire les déchets "to reduce trash" Comment réduisez-vous les déchets? "How do you reduce trash?" So yeah, tell me in the comment how you reduce trash. respecter l'environnement "to care for the environment" Il est important de respecter l'environnement. "It is important to care for the environment." Did I ask people to leave me a comment on how you reduce trash and protect the environment? Or what are your way of saving the planet? Tell me down there. My favorite one is to walk instead of using a car. I'd rather walk than use a car. I'm dangerous when driving a car. utiliser des produits écologiques "to use eco-friendly products" Nous utilisons des produits écologiques. "We use eco-friendly products." Usually they are made locally in the area you live in, there will be this one farmer and this one guy use cows and make milk, and you can use their product because it's more respectful of the environment and everything. It's also tastier. Actually the other day I was going around and I bought some sausages, and some cheese, because I'm French, right? And cheese is what I do! Ah, it's so smelly! #stereotype #soFrench faire du vélo "to cycle" Il adore faire du vélo. "He loves cycling." We do have special pass for bikes in France, so they don't go into the traffic and are not hit by cars. So it's really easy to take a bike, go around, there are even places where we'll rent them for cheap pretty easily. Like, there will be a place where there’s a bunch of bikes, you just put some money in, you take, and you get a number, you take the bike; and then you just bring it back, type your number in, and poof! Done! No trouble and you get a nice cycling experience to visit around. faire du compost "to compost" Is that how you pronounce it? I don't know, let's find out. Je ne connais pas beaucoup de personnes qui font du compost. "I don't know many people who compost." Well, I do because in here you kind of have to, and here is my compost bag. You can see my breakfast, and my dinner yesterday, and some eggs. Smelly! Maybe there are some flies in here, too. faire les courses en ligne "shop online" Faire des courses en ligne est très pratique. "Online shopping is very convenient." It is! You don't spend hours in the big grocery stores and that's really nice and you don't have to interact with everyone, you can easily order online for many grocery stores in France, doesn't have to be Amazon or buy only electronics, you can do it for your regular groceries. You get the number in your email, you go there, you just type in the number, get your grocery. Yes, convenient in French. And that's about it for today. So thank you for watching, and leave me a comment to tell me how you take care of the planet, and if you have many, if you have other tips, yeah, I would read them, too. So don't forget to check the website to learn more French, and we'll see you next time! Bye-bye!