Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back watchers. This week will be about ten phrases that make you look like a fool. Here we go! C'est trop dur, n'essayez même pas. It’s too hard, don’t even try. That’s mean. Let people do their own mistakes. That’s the way they learn. Faites ce que je dis. Just do what I say Faites ce que je dis. Just do what I say. Let’s read. J'ai raison et vous avez tort. I am right and you are wrong. Oh my! This is something you don’t want to hear and this is something you don’t want to say. Don’t learn it. Je n'ai pas besoin de vos conseils. I don’t need your advice. Yea, no! Listen to your elders. Je n'ai plus besoin d'apprendre quoi que ce soit. I don’t need to learn anything anymore. My story started in the 12th century. Tout le monde a toujours besoin d'apprendre. Everyone needs to always learn. Je sais tout. I know everything. Je sais tout. I know everything…. Non vous ne savez pas tout. No one knows everything but everyone knows a bit of something. Nous ne pouvons pas faire cela. We can’t do that. Yes we can! Can’t do it because you are not able to or because it’s forbidden? No one is telling me what I can or can’t do. Vou n'êtes pas très intelligent. You are not very smart. This is something I also don’t want to hear. Don’t say that to people, its mean. Unless you are watching this video to learn how to be mean in French because French people are knowing you. Vous ne réussirez jamais. You will never succeed. What’s with all these mean sentences today? Yes you will, you just have to go for it and try it again and again and again and I know it’s exhausting sometimes but try it anyway. Je ne suis pas prêt à apprendre le français. I am not ready to learn French. Yes you are, and that’s why you are here. I am sure you do. You are even ready to speak it you know. So try on your own. It’s possible. You are ready to learn French Vous êtes prêts à apprendre le français. Go for it watchers! The end. We are safe for this week. So if you survive all the horrible thing we told you today, then continue doing your best, learning French, you can do it. So don’t forget to subscribe to learn even more. Anyways, see you next time. Bye bye.