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hi everyone are you ready to eat some French food here are 10 must know vocabulary for the restaurant let's go sever waiter sever waiter with the VK server ready Rick is a waiter because it has to pay for I don't know University so on the summer you can be a waiter servers waitress service waitress the service John plateau avec de ver the waitress is or doing a tray with glasses yeah I couldn't be a waitress because I would just break everything because I'm come see I admire people who can wait properly noonish menu menu menu so mu nu attack we fix this menu is at a fixed price yeah when you go to restaurant will usually have a la carte menu where you can choose the items you want and then the fixed price menu when you can choose between two or three different items and if you want appetizers and the main and one more thing and if you want dessert or cheese and depending on that the price can vary come on D to order come on D to order G come on De Luca do zoo I ordered the dish of the day good job Oh water Oh water she does like what Chris do you should drink more water and I should also drink more water it gets just K nice and fresh this a desert they say desert desert is my favorite thing left after Tata eat on this a popular keep it at Coco indeed when I prepare the bas-relief Han says hey doctor Tata is a common dessert that can be ordered in most French Pacific which are traditional tiny restaurants it's a nice dessert with apple and the secret is to bake it reversed so with the apple at the bottom and the dough on top so they say I think it was dis covered when someone dropped the thought the other way or put it the wrong way in the oven and then discovered that that it was a tasty way to bake because the dough will keep the warmth inside and the Apple will bake in their own juice and being a bit steamed - because the dough is on top and when you flip it back then the the dough stay drier let's say because it doesn't soak up all the juices from down there from all the efforts so then you flip it back and it's nice the Apple gets really tight and compact and rest of a strong happied fast food festival show happied fast food the zone burger really fit some consider a comet and Allah has to pass through happied burgers and fries are considered fast-food nom nom nom nom I like hamburgers with bacon what are we talking about probably food again rest to home restaurant rest o home restaurant Louis - hi - the restaurant is really good of course it is it's French if you can save a bit when you go to France and go to a really good restaurant you should try it because it's worth it so try it at least once not bill not bill cell phone or not whether the bill try to be a bit more polite and say at least please like can I have the bill please and don't call the waiter waiter to say can I have the bill please future voila not salutely would be a more polite way to say so delicious delicious delicious delicious see Prisco boom say Dennis you this is more than good this is delicious brahmam highlight delicious crab and you can make a ton of crap and then you can eat all the crab with as many toppings as what hmm my favorite is chocolate and banana and whipped cream if you are more food and restaurant vocabulary we have more on the website or subscribe because there's has more on YouTube and we will see you next time yeah he hard