Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! And this week, we are going to be talking about the Top 15 Words Chosen by Fans. So you choose words and let’s talk about them. What did you choose? Let’s see! Super. Awesome. Awesome. You guys are awesome! Vous êtes super! So awesome. Trop super. It’s awesome. C’est super. I’m awesome. Je suis super. What’s awesome to you? Leave a comment. À bientôt. See you soon. Yeah, it’s already ended, see you soon. No, it’s not? Okay whatever. À bientôt is just see you soon, and you can say it when leaving your friends, À bientôt. Anytime you would use, you use it in English same way. Aimer. Love. Little heart with tiny horns, I should do it like that. I love you. Je t’aime. no, I am shy. To love someone. Aimer quelqu’un. Do you love someone, I do. Yeah I do, yeah. I love platypuses. J’aime les ornithorynques. This is all so random right? You like random animals, I love them too. Le pain. Bread. French people love their bread. J’aime le pain. I like bread. To cut slices of bread and put ham and cheese on top. Couper des tranches de pain et mettre du jambon et du fromage dessus. Ham and cheese bread slice is yummy with butter in between. Bien sûr mon petit chou. Of course, my little sweetheart. This is making me shy again and my cheeks are red. It’s not because I am sunburn or anything. Petit chou is actually my little cauliflower. Isn’t it so cute and smelly. If the wife ask the husband, oh can you buy me a new car? And the husband will be like, of course, my little sweetheart, bien sûr mon petit chou. Bonjour. Hello or Hi. You say it usually in the morning or any time of the day is actually fine. Bonjour, comment ça va? Hello, how are you? Ça va. It’s okay. You can say Bonjour, comment ça va? Hello, how are you doing? ça va, or ça va bien. Ah I am okay or it’s okay, I am fine. Sourire. Smile. I like your smile. J’aime ton sourire. Some guy wants to say to me, your smile looks so sincere. Ton sourire a l'air tellement authentique. cheesy. So cheesy. Where is the smile? Show me the smile. Où il est le sourire? Montre-moi ton sourire! We say that to little kids when taking a picture. Français. French. You guys use French as one of your favorite words. Of course it is, or else you wouldn’t be learning it. Je suis française! I am French. Parler français. To speak French. Le français, c’est chouette! French, it is nice, hmm. Intéressant. Interesting. This sounds really interesting. Ça a l'air très intéressant. Like me. French is interesting. Le français est intéressant. Or else you wouldn’t be learning it, right? Whatever. Maintenant. Now. I want to rock right now, I want to, I want to rock right now. Je veux du rock maintenant. Je veux, je veux du rock maintenant. I want it now. Je le veux maintenant! Let’s do it now. Faisons-le maintenant. Désolé(e). Sorry. I am sorry. Je suis désolé(e). You made a mistake and you will be like désolé(e). For example, when you bump into someone in the street or in the train, you can say Ah pardon! instead of désolé(e). Désolé(e) is more serious, like, if you make a mistake and désolé(e) is more sense of regret. Je suis désolé(e). I am sorry. Merci. Thanks. Merci, thanks, is more casual than merci beaucoup. So oh, can you give me the salt? Oh here, oh thanks Merci! Merci beaucoup. thank you very much. When someone was really kind to you, you can add beaucoup at the end of merci, which is merci beaucoup, which is deeper level of thankfulness than just merci. So merci beaucoup is kind of respectful and thanks a lot, really a lot. Merci beaucoup de continuer à regarder mes vidéos. Thank you very much for still watching the videos. Soufflé. You guys like food, huh?! I like food too. soufflé is souffle with English accent. The souffle is all puffy. Les soufflé est tout gonflé. Looks so yummy, you want to put your face in and then you get so fat and it is depressing and everyone cries again. We don’t want you to be fat, we want you to be puffy. And at the end, so those are the words you guys chose and yeah it is interesting to see what are your favorite words. If you have any other favorite words, you can leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe and check the website if you want to know more about everything and see you soon À bientôt. Am I looking good again? I maybe, maybe not.