Tutorial Transcript

Hey watchers and welcome back for more French words. This week will be Top 25 French Adjectives. Tout, all Tout, all or everything. I have to think about everything. Je dois penser à tout. J'ai tout mangé. I ate everything, because food is good. Oh yeah, tout is for object; if it’s for people like all the people, it will be tous. Grand, tall I am not tall. Je ne suis pas grande. Un grand arbre. A tall tree. Petit, small A small snail, un petit escargot, it will go like this… Tout petit... tout petit, so small so small. Même, even; same C’est le même. It’s the same. Doing it the same way. Le faire de la même manière. Autre, other For example, you are shopping for, let’s say shirts, and you want the same in another color. L'avez-vous dans une autre couleur? Do you have it in another color? or do you have it in another size? Est-ce que vous l'avez dans une autre taille? seul, only; lonely Seul, only, it can also mean lonely. Un seul. Only one. Going alone. J’y vais seul(e). No, don’t go. Yes I am going alone. No, take me with you. No, it’s too dangerous! Je me sens seul(e). I am feeling lonely. Jeune, young I am still young. Je suis encore jeune. I am not that old, come on. Ah, les jeunes! Ah, the youngsters! Premier, first Je suis le premier. I am the first. Be the first to comment. Soyez le premier à commenter. Comment right now, comment right now, comment right now. Bon, good This meal is so good. Ce plat est trop bon. Or, oh that’s good! C’est bon! Or it also means, yeah its okay, C’est bon. Quel, which Which one is it? Lequel est-ce? Beau, beautiful I am beautiful, Je suis belle. Beau is masculine and belle is feminine. C’est trop beau. This is so beautiful, and you can hear young people saying that a lot. Ouah, C’est trop beau. Wow! it’s so beautiful. Vieux, old I am getting old. Je me fais vieux. Which is also masculine, and feminine would be vieille. Je me fais vieille. Noir, black Je porte toujours des t-shirts noirs. I am always wearing black shirts. You guys always complain that I’m always wearing black shirts. I am sorry. Nouveau, new It’s brand new. C’est tout nouveau. Dernier, last I always finish last. Je finis toujours en dernier. Blanc, white I am wearing a white shirt today. Je porte une chemise blanche aujourd'hui. Or clouds are white, les nuages sont blancs. Cher, expensive I never buy expensive stuff. Je n'achète jamais des trucs chers. So yeah if you go to a Sunday market, you will have a lot of people trying to catch you and be, ey it’s not expensive buy it, buy it. I make it not expensive for you, c’est pas cher. Long, long I have long hair, again. J’ai les cheveux longs. Une longue journée. A long day. Today is going to be a long day. Pauvre, poor When you want to say, ah this person is kind of miserable or something bad happened to them, you say Oh le pauvre. Oh poor dear. Plein, full C’est plein de joie. It’s full of joy. Vrai, real or it can also be true. Is that true? Est-ce que c’est vrai? Oh my god! Is that for real? C’est vrai? No. In French, it will be like C’est pas vrai! Gentil, nice I am a nice person. Je suis une gentille personne. Bas, low A low level, un niveau bas. Gros, big Un gros éléphant. A big elephant. Un gros gâteau, a big cake. Doux, soft or fluffy! I like the word fluffy better. A soft towel, une serviette douce . When you just wash them and they are all fluffy and then you can put your face in it. I like to put my face in kitten because they are so fluffy. Les chatons c’est doux. Kitten are soft. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… Doux chatte, chaud chatte, peu de boule de fourrure. Thank you for watching our top 25 adjectives and don’t forget to subscribe for more French words and I will see you next time. Bye! French is not difficult! Le français n'est pas difficile!