Tutorial Transcript

Wanna speak real French from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at FrenchPod101.com. Hi, everyone, I’m Lindsay from FrenchPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about Top 10 Must-know Verbs When Cooking. I'm hungry right now. Let’s begin! cuisiner "cook” Ma grand-mère sait très bien cuisiner. "My grandmother cooks very well.” My mom does too. I miss it, actually. French food, oh my gosh! faire cuire au four "bake” Ce matin, j'ai fait cuire au four un gâteau au chocolat. "I baked a chocolate cake this morning.” So good! I want one right now! Ding! I just put the thing in the oven. It's ready! Let's eat some chocolate cake! couper "cut” J'aime couper un concombre avant de le manger. "I like to cut up a cucumber before eating it.” And I like to put them on my eyes too, actually. Really good for the eyes, right? mélanger "mix” Ensuite, mélanger la farine et le sucre. "Next, mix the flour and sugar.” assaisonner "season” Comment vais-je assaisonner ma salade? "How will I season my salad?” Well, just a little bit of pepper and some salt, right? Enough? écraser "mash” Elle a écrasé les pommes de terres. "She mashed the potatoes.” Very good to do a purée, mashed potato. faire sauter "sauté” Like this... Mon frère a fait sauter du poulet et des légumes. "My brother sautéed chicken and vegetables.” You can, fait, you can fait sauter, crêpe, like that. Oh my gosh, I'm seeking in French into English. Je peux faire sauter une crêpe, like this. And then you put it back in the... pan. mettre "put” Mets les boissons sur la table s'il te plaît. "Put the drinks on the table, please.” Here. battre "beat” C'est plus pratique de battre les oeufs avec un batteur. "It's more convenient to beat eggs with a whisk.” Yes, I've never had one before, I just use, you know, fork. And I beat the eggs like this. ajouter "add" J'ai ajouté trop de lait. "I added too much milk." Oh! If you add too much milk, sometimes it's disgusting. Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which verb do you like more? Leave us a comment letting us know. Don't forget to LIKE, subscribe, and go to FrenchPod101.com for more resources We'll see you next time! À bientôt!