Tutorial Transcript

Wanna speak real French from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at FrenchPod101.com. Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Lindsay, and today we're going to be talking about the Top 10 Phrases to Never Use in a Relationship. Let’s begin! That sounds kind of scary. The first phrase is ... Tu as changé. "You've changed." This means that you don't recognize your partner anymore... Sorry. Not really good. Il est où le problème? "What's the big deal?" Wow, this sounds like a declaration of war. It makes me laugh, sorry. Tu es tellement... "You're so..." Try to complete the sentence by yourself! Tu es tellement... "You're so annoying." Il faut qu'on parle. "We need to talk." This sentence reeks of a breakup! Yeah, it does. You see that said in a lot of movies, actually. Du calme. "Relax" Du calme. This means "Relax." and sounds pretty haughty, so never use it in a fight! Ça m'est égal. "Whatever." This is only ever used when you don't care anymore. Yeah, whatever. Ça m'est égal. Je gagne plus que toi. "I earn more than you." This is for all the proud breadwinners who want to piss off their partner! It’s also a surefire argument-starter…. Qu'est-ce que tu portes? "What are you wearing?" It's useful if you want to make your partner feel inappropriate. Ne t'approche pas de mon téléphone. "Stay away from my phone." Don’t say this, unless you are really hiding something! Yeah, I hate when he touches my phone, hell no. Don't look at my messages, please. Je te déteste. "I hate you." This is straightforward and doesn't need any explanation, right? Oh guys, I love you, you know that. Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which phrase will you use to break up? Leave us a comment letting us know. And we'll see you next time! À bientôt!