Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we're going to talk about 10 Reasons to Learn French. I don't know them either so let's discover them together. Let’s go! C'est une langue magnifique. "It's a beautiful language." Le français est une langue magnifique! It sounds so poetic and arty, doesn't it? J'adore apprendre les langues, tout simplement. "I just love learning languages." That’s true, and French can be quite a challenge, so yeah, try it! J'adore la culture et les gens qui parlent la langue. "I love the culture and the people who speak the language." French culture is pretty rich and old, and French people are quite unique, so let's discover them together with the French language. J'aimerais comprendre mes chansons, films et émissions de télévision préférés. "I want to understand my favorite songs, movies and TV shows." Yeah, French television can be quite funny, and a lot of the the jokes are made of puns, so if you understand the French you can enjoy them more instead of just reading the subtitles. So in the evening we have a lot of French TV series, or French news with newscaster that are really satirical and are quite funny to watch. So maybe try those. Ma famille vient d'un endroit où on parle la langue. "My family comes from a place where the language is spoken." Somehow you move to some place else and you want to learn the origin of your language, it’s nice to be speaking two languages. La langue est utile pour mon travail. "The language is useful for my job." So yeah, if you are planning to work in France, a lot of people don't speak English or in the workplace you really need to speak French. C'est mon passe-temps. "It's my hobby." It’s a nice hobby to learn languages. And yeah again, if you are looking for a challenge, French maybe a right place to start. Even if you can read it, but speaking it is quite difficult. Enjoy your French hobby with me. And learn lots of French with FrenchPod101.com. Cela fait partie de mes études universitaires. "It's part of my university studies." So if you’re studying, don't forget to watch lot of series without the subtitles, and lot of books or newspapers, magazines. And watch lots of TV to get the pronunciation right. J'apprends la langue pour impressionner quelqu'un. "I'm learning the language to impress someone." I want to impress you by speaking French. Why not? I would be really impressed if someone not native French could speak French properly because it’s really hard. Who would you want to impress with French? Is it a girl or a boy? Parce que j'aime la nourriture. "Because I like the food." Parce que j'aime la nourriture française. "Because I love French food." And you want to read them on the menu properly and order them in French by yourself, and enjoy all the dishes which France has to offer. That’d be a nice reason. This is the reason to learn French. Tarte au citron. It’s so lemony, and the dough is super good too, it’s crunchy. Have a little bite of France. So that's all for this week, we'll see you next time. And don't forget to subscribe for more videos and check the website for more French, see you! Lemon pie!