Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week will be about top 10 animal words. So let's see what they do in French. miaou miaou "cat's meow" Miaou, miaou, Tiny kitten, and they look at you like… So cute! miaou miaou! “The tiny kitten goes ‘meow meow.’” Le chaton fait "miaou miaou". So cute! ouaf ouaf "dog's bark" "When his master comes home, the dog goes ‘bark bark.’” Quand le maître rentre à la maison, son chien fait "ouaf ouaf". coin coin "duck's quack" coin is also a “corner”. I don't know why ducks are saying “corner, corner”. Les canards dans la mare font "coin coin". "The duck in the pond goes ‘quack quack.’” groin groin "pig snort" I really don’t know how they do in French, we just go like (snort). And yeah, groin is also the nose of the pig. So this is a groin. We can just snort like… "I am a little piggy with my snort ‘oink oink oink oink oink oink.’” Je suis un petit cochon, voici mon "groin, groin, groin, groin, groin, groin, groin". cocorico "rooster's crow" "Early in the morning, the rooster goes ‘cockadoodledo.’” Tôt le matin, le coq fait "cocorico". And wakes you up, and then you just go “pew,” and roast it and have it for dinner. coâ coâ "frog's croak" "When you are walking in the countyside at night, you can hear the frogs go ‘ribbit ribbit.’” Quand on marche la nuit à la campagne, on peut entendre les grenouilles faire "coâ coâ". piou piou "chick's peep" piou piou is a ”chick's peep" When you get a tiny chick in your hands and it looks at you and go piou piou. Kinda like the kitty, miaou. Le petit poussin fait "piou piou". But in French, the tiny cute chicks goes pew pew pew pew pew. So you can just go “pew pew”. It’s a space chick! piiit "mice squeak" Mice go piiit. On peut entendre les souris faire "pit pit" entre les murs. "You can hear the mice go ‘squeak squeak’ between the walls." cui cui "bird's tweet" cui cui is also the sound for cooking. Au printemps, les oiseaux font "cui cui". "In spring, the birds go ‘chirp chirp, chirp chirp.’” meuh "cow's moo" And you have to put it really long, like this, moooo. I used to take the cows and put them up in the mountain, and then when the season changes, I have to take the cows and put them down the mountain; that's a pain, it's raining and you're full of mud. "The cow goes ‘moo.’” La vache fait "meuh". On peut entendre les vaches faire "meuh" dans la montagne. “You can hear the cows mooing in the mountains." Moo! So that was top 10 animal words in French. And if you want to learn more French, don't forget to check the website, and we will see you next time. Bye, watchers! And tell me your favorite animal sound in the comments in your language. See ya!