Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we're going to talk about 10 Break Up Lines. Why are we being so mean lately? Let’s start. Ce n'est pas toi, c'est moi. "It's not you, it's me." Ce n'est pas toi, c'est moi. Liars, liars, everywhere! Of course it’s not myself, it’s you. J'ai besoin de me concentrer sur ma carrière. "I need to focus on my career." J'ai besoin de me concentrer sur ma carrière. And your lover would be like… You love your job and not me. J'ai besoin de mon espace. "I need my space." That’s harsh. Je ne suis simplement pas prêt(e) pour ce genre de relation. "I am just not ready for this kind of relationship." Then don’t start one. I don’t know, if you’re not ready don’t start it together. Je pense que nous avons besoin d'une pause. "I think we need a break." Je pense que nous avons besoin d'une pause. "I think we need a break." So you know, when you’re "on a break”, it’ll last forever, right? So just get over it and go away because it doesn’t work to fix the relationship again anyways. Soyons seulement amis. "Let's just be friends." You just got friend-zoned! Let's just be friends. Haha~ cute. Tu mérites mieux. "You deserve better." This is also a lie. You’re just trying to make the other person feel good. They’re the one not deserving you, that’s why you’re breaking up, right? “I deserve better." Je mérite mieux. It’s a way more accurate sentence on what you’re really thinking about. Je ne suis pas assez bien pour toi. "I'm not good enough for you." Which is basically same as the previous one, but putting the blame on yourself. Oh I'm not good enough, you should go away. Of course you’re good enough, or else what are you doing breaking up? Nous ne sommes tout simplement pas faits l'un pour l'autre. "We are just not right for each other." This one is kinda true, that works, this is honest. Yeah, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Please go away now. Je ne t'aime plus tout simplement. "I just don't love you anymore." Harsh! So harsh! Bye bye! Go away. So watchers, we’ll see you next time, meanwhile practice your break up. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and check the website for more lists, and more mean words and how to be mean, or nice, sometimes you’re nice. “I’m going away on an adventure, and you cannot follow me because it’s dangerous!” Je pars pour une aventure et tu ne peux pas me suivre car c’est trop dangereux. Yeah, use this one and then disappear.