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hi everyone I am Lindsay from French pad one the one that come in this video we'll be talking about the top 10 words to know before taking the airplane let's begin I just went on Tuan actually few days ago cabin cabin cabin G thermo uncle baggage Oh cabin she served me who by gosh Oh cabin I only have one large cabin bag yeah I had a big one myself Sun shield security such you do security seatbelt info attache Pakistan to the security Ivalo declare beautiful attachable who statue the security of all the cash you must fasten your seat belt before takeoff yeah usually the aerostats how do you call that the flight attendant asked you to do that right before takeoff new me Hodesh new me ho to stage sit number Ken autonomy ho - can I turn Jimmy ho - - what is your seat number so when I took the plane to go to Hawaii actually I found out that I had the same seat number as another man so I had to ask him to show me his ticket and yeah we did have the same so I had to change my seat unfortunately and we got a VIP seat and I did not Kusum Christa pillow makes me want to sleep right now Jo blue moon Kusum J Oh bleep no Christa I forgot my pillow I never bring one in in a plane but actually international plane they give one but small you know six hours flight they don't really give one or the extra $10 to get one the collage O'Hara the collage oh yeah difference the cumbia Radhika - oh hey Teresa a laugh house do cumbia IRA to collage or hair or Teresa a reference what is the time difference between us and friends I believe it's about 9 hours from what I recall I think my parents told me that or 8 hours I know that with iye us from Las Angeles and our Y this is three hours towards more orders well depending on how I see it come back Seema you stood de compartir mo Eau de su - overhead storage compartment in yep a buku the place down local party mode or the 3t church in your part okay plus dollar combats mo Eau de su - there isn't much space in the overhead storage compartment usually this is where you put your carry-on luggage and people always figure out 30 the secure so si do si Co emergency exit that is the most scary thing to hear okay let's start to do Zuko ooh a lesson to support where is the emergency exit they always ask they always show you this video when you're in a plane and they show you where are the emergency exit hopefully nobody has ever to use them because this is really scary ch ch see this year soon comfortable let's see some comfortable the seats are comfortable well usually on planes the seats maybe if you are first class they're comfortable but if you're not not sure they are what s delay with test - laughs flight attendant notice the left a shot see blue tester there a shot see the flag 11th is nice yeah I just flew with awayin Airlines and they were very nice select pilot pilot Miku Sanford Avenue pilot Musa food Avenue pilot magazine wants to become a pilot not sure mine wants to okay so that's all for this lesson which word do you like more leave us a comment letting us know don't forget to Like subscribe and go to French pad 101 that come for more resources with you next time either