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hi everyone I am Lindsay from French pad 101 that come in this video we'll be talking about five major cities in France let's begin perish perish Paris everyone knows Paris I think Paris oppa is the most beautiful city in the world para la capitale de France party in a capital do Falls Paris is the capital of friends Julien Lieber I am from their master ma se ma SE ma se is in the south of France near Italy and it's a harbor city Marseille la dodgem reconvene doofus Marseille la dizzy improve convene the first Marseille is the second largest city in France it's beautiful and really sunny Liang Liang Liang Liang is near Switzerland and it's well known for its food and beautiful monuments Shakuni ET la fête de genève are you shocked any idiot a fete de Lumiere I do the festival of lights is held every year in new I have never been unfortunately jonna's fisheye misery marijuana to loose - loose - loose - loose is in southwestern France and it's known as a crash down loose you know the truth I live in holes I didn't know that francelina we still know the truth 11 holes to lose this nickname is the pink city that's nothing nice nice please this is also in the south very sunny and with a beautiful seaside Ilya develop rash our knees in the air tube and plush nice there are nine species in nice beaches beaches witches I'm is nice okay that's all for this lesson which French town did you like the most leave a comment letting us know don't forget to Like subscribe and go to French part 101 that come for more resources we'll see you next time ident you