Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! Are you hungry? Because today we're going to be talking about 10 French foods. Here we go! I know I’m hungry! aligot "aligot" Aligot is the French dish made of potatoes mix with melted cheese and French cream and butter, and a lot of yummy with salt and pepper! On mange de l'aligot à Noël. "We eat aligot for Christmas." bouillabaisse "bouillabaisse" So bouillabaisse is a French dish from South of France, from the city of Marseille, it's a fish stew and it’s tasty. camembert "camembert" A cheese, and depending on the quality already can get really smelly, so if it’s old and good it would be really smelly and gooey and when you slice it when it will go a little… clafoutis "clafoutis" Clafoutis is a kind of tart or pie, and usually we put berries inside, like cherries, or raspberries, or any berries, and mix of berries, you can also have some with apricot. Je mange des clafoutis en été. "I eat clafoutis in summer." crème de marrons "chestnut puree" So it's really just chestnut and sugar. I’m not really a fan of it, and some people just eat it like that out of the pot. La crème de marrons est très sucrée. "Chestnut puree is really sweet." fougasse "fougasse" You can put stuff in, like olives and dried duck meat. This one is really good, sweet one can be filled with raisins or some fruits maybe, or just the crispy kind of bread. ratatouille "ratatouille" Do you know the movie Ratatouille, with the tiny rat from Disney? So it's just a stew made with lots and lots of veggies. And you can also have it cold, like you make it, you make a big pot of it, then the day after you can eat it cold, and it’s really good, too. La ratatouille peut se manger chaude ou froide. "You can eat ratatouille either hot or cold." salade niçoise "salade niçoise" Niçoise means it’s from the city of Nice, which is in the South again. You can have olives, anchovies inside, cold potatoes. It’s called salad but there is no actual salad in there, you can have long green beans and it's really fresh and really healthy too. La salade niçoise vient de Nice. "Salade niçoise comes from Nice." soupe au pistou "basil soup" So it's a basil soup with olive oil, garlic. La soupe de pistou est faite avec du basilic. "Soupe de pistou, or pistou soup, is made out of basil." tapenade "tapenade" Tapenade is a paste made of Olives and garlic and capers and most people add anchovies in it. It's really tasty and really salty, so if you like salty stuff and anchovies, maybe you’ll like this one. So you can spread it on bread or just dip your bread sticks in there. It's also a recipe from the South because they like fish and olives. And it’s the end! What's your favorite French food? You can leave it in the comments, if you have other examples and this made me hungry, so I'm going to have a tiny snack. So we'll see you next time and don't forget to subscribe for more French videos, or check the website for more future insights and French lessons. See you next time, à bientôt!