Tutorial Transcript

Hello my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. Today’s topic is in the classroom and let’s start. The first word is [der Bleistift] - “the pencil”. So the pencil is [Bleistift] and [Blei] is “led” and [stift]] can be used alone as “pencil” too. [Ich habe heute meinen Bleistift einer Freundin ausgeliehen.] - “My friend borrowed a pencil from me”. The next word [Klassenzimmer] - “classroom” [Ich habe einmal aus Scherz meine Lehrerin im Klassenzimmer eingeschlossen.], actually with a few friends, this actually really happened. “I did a prank on my teacher and she was stuck in the classroom.” She was really mad because she couldn’t get outside but it was funny at that time and we were kids and yeah so I am sure you all did that somewhere too. So the next word is [Lehrbuch] - “textbook”. [Lehren] means to teach and [Lehrbuch] means “textbook”. [Der Lehrer hat etwas sehr interessantes aus dem Lehrbuch vorgelesen.] - “the teacher read something very interesting off the textbook”. So the next word is [Schreibtisch] - “school desk”. [Schreibtisch] well it consists of [Schreib] means “write” and [tisch] means “table”. [Ich musste meinen Schreibtisch alle paar Wochen mit jemand anderem teilen. ] and “I had to share my school desk every other week with somebody else”. So when I used to go to school in Germany, we actually had to rotate. So we are sitting next to different kinds of people and get to know the class. So the next word is [Tafel] - “blackboard”. I hated when the teacher would call me out and I had to go to the blackboard and do some math or something and I was just like so embarrassed and I would never raise my hand when the teacher said okay, I want you to go to the blackboard. [Ich habe es gehasst wenn ich an die Tafel musste.] - “I hated it when I had to go in front of the class and write on the blackboard”. Thank you and bye.