Tutorial Transcript

Hello my name is Alisa, welcome to German weekly words. Today’s topic, oops! Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is study subjects. The first word is [Kunst] - “art”. It is [die Kunst] it’s feminine, what else. I did study art and design and yes I really love art. [Ich habe Kunst und Design studiert und habe diese Hülle selbst gemacht. ] - “I studied art and design and I actually made this in case”. Hello, so the next word is [Chemie] - “chemistry”. [die Chemie] it’s feminine again. I was actually very, very bad at physics, chemistry and I really didn’t get it. [In der Schule war Chemie nicht mein Lieblingsfach.] - “At school, chemistry wasn’t my favorite subject”. [Geographie] - “Geography”, it’s feminine again - [die Geographie]. [Ich habe in der Grundschule sehr gerne für Geographie gelernt.] - In elementary school, I actually really like to study for Geography class” always with my dad. I had to remember all capital cities of each country but I actually had a lot of fun doing it and researching. So the next word is [Geschäft] - “business”. It is [das Geschäft] and the word itself is very interesting because it comes from [schaffen]. [Geschäft] or [schaffen] means “to make something”. [Geschäft] also means store. So it has a lot of meanings. In this case, it means business [Heutzutage ist es sehr üblich internationale Geschäftsbeziehungen zu haben.] - “So now-a-days, it’s very common to have international business relations”. The next word is [Geschichte] - “history” - [die Geschichte]. [Geschichte war auch eines meiner Lieblingsfächer.] - “History was also one of my favorite subjects”. I think it’s very important to know about your country or cultures. History, it’s very interesting to see all kinds of history throughout the world and how it developed. Good for you hah! Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on study subjects if you have a favorite subject, leave in the comments. Hope to see you soon, bye. Yeah okay that’s too much, brainwashing people!