Tutorial Transcript

Hi my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. This week’s topic is... fruits!I love fruits. [Apfel] - “Apple”. So in the German, there is a lot of Apple fields and you can go Apple picking [Eine meiner Lieblingsfrüchte ist der Apfel.] - Yeah so “one of my favorite fruits is the Apple”. [Himbeere] - “Raspberry”, yes in Germany, it just grows everywhere even in our garden and so it was very, very yummy. [Meine Mutter hat sehr gerne Himbeermarmelade gemacht. ] - “My mom used to make a lot of raspberry marmalade”. [Pfirsich] - “peach”, it is one of my favorite fruits too especially the Japanese one. I do have to say they are one of the best. Yes [Der japanische Pfirsich ist eine der berühmtesten und teuersten auf der Welt.] - “the Japanese peach is one of the most famous and expensive one actually in the world”. [Kirsche] - “cherry”, where I used to live, now it sounds like I lived like on the fields but there was actually another cherry field but it was so good and yummy and they are so big [Die Kirsche ist eine meiner Lieblingsfrüchte.] yeah “the cherry is one of my favorite fruits as well”. [Traube] - “grape”, in Germany, there is like a lot of those little grapes and they are not that big. I guess it’s because where I live, it’s Rhineland, it’s Bonn/Cologne, there is a lot of grape fields to make like wine [In Deutschland gibt es weiße und rote oder beziehungsweise dunkle Trauben.] - “In Germany, there is white grapes and most common like the dark grapes to make wine”. So thank you and what’s your favorite fruit. Leave in the comments and I hope you tune in again for another lesson, bye.