Tutorial Transcript

hello my name is Alisa welcome to German weekly words and today's topic is sports ice hockey ice hockey ice hockey yeah and currently is and is air balloon to ice hockey munch ft kona hiya in in Cologne there's a very famous ice hockey team the Cologne sharks if I skated before but I've never done ice hockey football football soccer in Deutschland is who's by D spotted in Germany soccer is the most popular sport like athletic track and field it is d like athletic track and field each cook Agana parenteral impatient feel like that little I actually like to watch during the Olympic Games track and field swimming swimming I in their shoes I been a gosh woman Andhra and I'm shrimp team when I was in school I used to go swimming and a swim team I used to do competitions she father and skiing ich liebe Schieffelin I actually love skiing south of Germany you can go skiing this was about sport tell me your favourite sport and leave in the comments I hope to see you soon bye my favorite sport is swimming