Tutorial Transcript

hello welcome to German weekly words my name is Alisa and today's topic is clothing accessories brilla glasses academy at skin Kashani and bulletin i swore as a child to never ever wear glasses I have never worn glasses and I never will good belt it is dad gurgling and OH each visit there's a feel-good I actually own a lot of belt I'm a big fan of belt make your outfit more exciting with belts Heights kept a necklace it is D ketta so it is d Heights captain and cata also means chain each harbour height and Abbas on that sooner on course ahead skate and today I'm actually wearing a very special and big necklace I also own a lot of necklaces and in my wall I have this wall display full of necklaces I think it's very important han chul glove tog me quickly hunter else I'm vinta I don't really wear gloves except for the winter yeah I really want to get one the way you can just those special ones for for your phone I think they're fun Zhaan and Barilla it is DS on Berlin sunglasses a shmuck gauss's on Berlin I love big sunglasses I always used to not have a lot because I always thought okay one is enough but now I'm addicted I love sunglasses thank you for watching today's topic is clothing accessories and if you want to mention your favorite clothing accessory leave in the comments and let me know how you combine it thank you bye bed bed whoa