Tutorial Transcript

Hello, welcome to weekly words, my name is Alisa and this week’s topic, clothing actions. That’s interesting. I am excited what the first word is [abstimmen] - “to go with”. Ask girls watching or you, we all know it’s a mess in the morning. I mean my room just looks like all over the place kind of all the clothes and I just want to match this color and this and then I change again and...[Wenn ich morgens aufstehe, stimme ich meine Klammotten mit meiner stimmung ab.] - “When I wake up in the morning, my clothes have to go with my mood”. So when I am in a really good mood, it’s like all colorful clothes and when I am in this like really bad mood, it’s like I just wear all black. I was in this like fall – fall inspirational mood now. [anprobieren] - “to try on”. I am actually the type I don’t like to try it. I don’t want to, I just like to try it on at home and just like feel it and kind of look, okay what goes with my own clothes. [Wenn ich etwas anprobiere, dann muss es richtig passen.] - “When I try something on, it really has to fit”, that’s very important to me. [ausziehen] I will seem to take it off. I am the type as soon as I go home, I take my clothes off and just wear like jogging pants. I just love it. At home, I am like all day in PJs and yeah..[Wenn ich nach Hause komme, das erste was ich mache ist meine Klamotten ausziehen und was anderes anziehen.] - “So the first thing I do when I come home from work or just home, I take off my clothes and wear something more comfortable”. [färben] - “Dyed”. Like dyeing experiments with T-Shirts and it’s a really fun thing to do with your family too. [Ich habe einmal mein T-Shirt gefärbt.] - “I dyed a T-Shirt myself” and it was very fun experience. [stricken] means “to knit” and I have done it a couple of times. I am not very good at it. [In Deutschland strikt man sehr viel selber.] - “So in Germany, there is a lot of people who knit themselves”. Thank you for watching. Leave in the comments what you’ve tried so far from the words. I would love to know and I hope you will tune in again, thank you.