Tutorial Transcript

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is Drinks. I am so hyperactive. [Bier] - “Beer”. [Bier ist das Nationalgetränk Deutschlands.] - “Beer is the drink in Germany”. I mean the interesting thing is each city has his own beer. So it’s like a lot of competition. For example, in Cologne, it’s called Kölsch, but if you don’t like it, you do – they don’t care. They are very, very proud of their own beers. [Fruchtsaft] - “fruit juice”. [Einer der berühmtesten Fruchtsäfte ist Apfelschorle.] “One of the most famous fruit juices in Germany, it’s called [Apfelschorle]”. It’s actually Apple juice mixed with sparkling water and it’s very famous. Whenever I go out to eat, I always get it. It’s so refreshing and it’s very common and you should definitely try it. [Milch] - “Milk”. I don’t want to say it like milk. It is [die Milch] so it’s feminine. [Ich habe noch nie selber Milch gemolken.] - “I’ve never milked the cow before to get milk”. Yeah I will leave that to the farmers. [Tee] - “Tea”. It is [der Tee] it’s masculine. [Ich liebe es, Tee zu trinken.] “I actually love to drink tea” and all kinds of like fruits and green tea and black tea. [Kaffee] - “Coffee”. It is [der Kaffee] it’s masculine and [Ich brauche jeden Morgen meinen Kaffee sonst bin ich nicht gut drauf.] - “I need my coffee every morning or else I can be a monster”. I am like in a really bad mood if I don’t have coffee. There were times where I didn’t even have coffee late and I was such in a bad mood. I was just like – I was like screaming. Yes so I am a very coffee person. Thank you for watching and if you’ve been to Germany or if you have a favorite German food or beverage or wine and beer, leave in the comments and thank you and hope to see you soon, bye.