Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and yeah let’s start. Birds, this will be an interesting one… [Ente] - “Duck”. [Am See gibt es viele Enten.] - “At the lake, there are a lot of ducks” and actually in Germany where I come from, there is like lake nearby and when I take my dog walking, there will be like these ducks and thank god, he wouldn’t chase them. [Krähe] - “crow”, I am really scared of them. [Krähen erinnern mich an düstere Zeiten und Halloween.] - “Crows remind me of the dark times and Halloween.” [Taube] - “Pigeon”. [Ich hatte früher extreme Angst vor Tauben und musste sogar die Straßenseite wechseln.] - “I used to be very scared of pigeons that I even had to like switch the side of the streets”. I was very, very scared. They just fly in your face. [Möwe] - “seagull”. [Ja an der Ostsee in Deutschland gibt es viele Möwen.] - “At the East sea in Germany, there is a lot of seagulls” [Pfau] - “Peacock”. Yeah I think they are very, very beautiful, their feathers [Der Pfau hat sehr schöne Federn, die Farben sind sehr sehr schön.] - “the peacock has beautiful feathers and they are very colorful”. Thanks for watching and I hope you watch it again soon, bye. There is this swan that kind of fell in love with a swan boat. It actually thought it’s like his partner. So it wouldn’t leave his side. It’s like very cute and was like on the news, very, very big in Germany and everybody wanted to see it. They are really cute story.