Tutorial Transcript

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is home electronics - [Hauselektronik] [Fernseher] - “television”. “On television, there are good movies” - [Im Fernseher laufen gute Filme.] [Klimaanlage] - “Air conditioner”. In Germany, it doesn’t get that hot. So a lot of houses actually don’t have air conditioning. I mean it’s more healthy and it just feels really good. [In Deutschland ist es nicht sehr üblich eine Klimaanlage zu haben.] - “In Germany, it’s not very common to have air conditioning.” [Ofen] - “Oven”. In this case, it is masculine and it is [der Ofen]. [In Deutschland benutzt man für sehr viele Gerichte den Ofen.] - “the oven is used for a lot of meals in Germany”, baking. Germans are very, very good with baking cakes and also for different kind of meals with cheese on top of it or just lot of food is made in the oven. It’s very common. [Staubsauger] - “vacuum cleaner”. [Sauger] means “suck” and [Staub] means “dust”. So it’s a dust sucker. It is [der Staubsauger] is its masculine. Not a lot of men like to do vacuum cleaning but it is still... [Heutzutage gibt es Staubsauger die automatisch putzen.] - “Nowadays, there are vacuum cleaners who function automatically”. I really want to get one of those. These round ones, they just look like UFO`s or I don’t know but I think they are really fun and kind of cute. When they bump into the corner, they just move the other way and it’s actually fun, cool, genius. [Kühlschrank] - “Refrigerator”. [Kühlschrank] is made of two words [Kühl] is “cool” and [schrank] is “shelf”. Exact translation would be “cool shelf” and it is masculine and since [schrank] alone is masculine, so it is [der Kühlschrank] and in German, when two words come together, it’s always the last word that is important. So it would be [Der Kühlschrank in meiner Wohnung ist zurzeit leer.] - “The refrigerator in my apartment is very empty actually”. Thank you for watching German weekly words, home electronics was today’s topic and if you have a favorite home electronic, leave in the comment. Hope to see you soon, bye.