Tutorial Transcript

Hello, welcome to German weekly words, my name is Alisa and today’s topic is life events. The first word [Abschluss] - “graduation”. [Abschluss] comes from the word [abschließen] that means “to be done with something”. It is [der Abschluss] it’s masculine. [Nach meinem Abschluss habe ich erstmal eine lange Reise unternommen.] - “After my graduation, I actually went on a long vacation” to the east coast of the United States to visit all my friends. The next word, okay [Geburt] - “birth”. [Geburt] it is [die Geburt] the verb is [geboren]. So it’s a little different. [Die Geburt ist eine der wichtigsten Ereignisse in einem Leben.] - “Birth is one of the most important events in your life”. [Hochzeit] - “wedding”, I think this is a really interesting word because [hoch] means “high” and [Zeit] means “time”, high time in your life. [Mein Bruder wird in drei Wochen seine Hochzeit haben.] actually “my brother is going to have his wedding in about three weeks” and I am very excited and I have all these fun things planned and maybe I will tell you after how it was. [verloben] - “Engage”, yes so guys [Einer meiner besten Freunde hat sich auch kürzlich verlobt.] -”One of my best friends got engaged recently” and its very exciting and I can’t wait for her wedding. [sterben] - “die”. [Ich finde Menschen sollten sich keine Gedanken machen ums Sterben.] - “I think people should not worry about dying or death”, concentrate on life and living and be positive. Yeah that’s a very sad. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you soon and if there is great life event you just experienced or you are about to experience or you had experienced, leave in the comments and see you soon, bye. Hold on! Cut, cut!