Tutorial Transcript

Hi welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and this week’s topic is studying a language. The first word is [Adjektiv] - “adjective”. It’s not easy to explain. [In der deutschen Sprache ist der Adjektiv nicht schwer.] - Well “in the German language, the adjective is not – it’s not very hard to learn”. The second word is [lernen] - “study”. [Ich habe in der Schule nicht viel gelernt.] - “At school, I didn’t study that much”. Even until today, I am a very like last minute person. So before an exam, I actually studied the night before or something. [Sprache] is “language”. We just use the word [sprechen] which is the verb of [Sprache]. It’s very different from the English words because [sprechen] means speak, and language is [Sprache] but it’s easier I think in German to understand because it’s coming from the verb [sprechen] . [Ihr lernt gerade ein bisschen über die deutsche Sprache.] - “You guys are learning a little bit about the German language” I hope. [wiederholen] - “repeat”. Yeah this is another interesting verb [wieder] means “again” and [holen] means to “get it” or to “bring it”. [Ich wiederhole mich sehr sehr oft.] - “I actually repeat myself a lot”. I sometimes say things over and over again and my friends are like yeah, we just heard it and I am like, okay sorry. [Lehrstunde] is “lesson”. Yeah [Lehr] means to “teach” and [stunde] means “hour”, a teaching hour [Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß bei dieser Lehrstunde.] - “I hope you have fun at this lesson”. Yes and this was it. I hope you had fun bye.