Tutorial Transcript

Hello, I am Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words and let’s start. Okay so today’s topic is post office. [Brief] it’s called [der Brief] it is masculine - “letter”. [Heutzutage schreibt man keine Briefe mehr sondern eher E-Mails.] - “Nowadays, people don’t write any letters anymore because it’s all through email”. Especially when I am on vacation, I really like to write postcards and I think it is just very special and it doesn’t have to be long. It can just be like a short letter. It’s more personal. [Briefkasten] - “mailbox”. It’s exactly the English word. [Brief] - We just had - “letter”. [kasten] - “box”. Yeah it is [der Briefkasten] because [kasten] is masculine. [Ich leere meinen Briefkasten mindestens ein Mal am Tag.] - “I try to empty my mailbox at least once a day”. I actually love looking in my mailbox and I there’re like gift package from my friends. So you know, so you can send this on. [Paket] - “parcel”, it is [das Paket]. [Ich liebe es Pakete zu bekommen.] - “I really love to get parcels”. I think it’s like Christmas opening the box. You might not know what’s in it and its very exciting. [Postbote] so it’s [der Postbote] - “mailman”. [Bote] is actually a very, very old German word. [Bote] is some like deliver. So back when there weren’t any like post offices or options to send letters, they actually sent somebody on a horse. Mailman really existed since a long time ago and in Germany, it’s actually – they are respected kind of job - der Postbote. [Ich habe ein sehr gutes Verhältnis zu meinem Postboten in Deutschland.] - “I actually have a really good and cool relationship with my mailman back in Germany”. He is really cool. He always gets my dog treats because he loves him. He says, it is the only one who doesn’t bark. He is just a very fun guy and he talks to everybody. It’s fun when he comes and he always jokes oh, today you don’t have a love letter blah blah! I usually don’t love because I don’t think it’s funny. [Umschlag] - “envelope”. It is [der Umschlag] it’s masculine. It basically means to turn something over like the verb [*]. You know you can visualize kind of okay [Umschlag] because it’s.. [Ich habe als Kind auch Umschläge gesammelt.] - “as a child, I also collected envelopes”, I was really into paper and stamps and envelopes and just pretty letters and I collected them and even until now, I actually have a folder with all my envelopes and all the pretty ones. Thank you for watching German weekly words with today’s topic, post office. If you have something you collected as a child, leave in the comments and I hope to see you soon, bye.