Tutorial Transcript

Hello! Welcome to German Weekly Words. My name is Alisa and today's topic is school supplies. The first word is… bleistift “pencil” It is der bleistift “pencil” and it is masculine. Ich habe immer gerne meinen Bleistift gespitzt. “As a kid, I used to love to sharpen my pencils.” I don’t why, but I really did like each one and it was really fun to do and I actually drew with the remainings, the pencil. kleber “glue” It is der kleber. It’s masculine. In Deutschland gibt es einen lilanen Kleber, der sobald er trocknet, durchsichtig wird. “In Germany, there is a purple glue that turns transparent when it’s dry.” I still think it’s cool. As a kid of course, I loved it and I used it all the time. radiergummi “eraser” Der radiergummi, it is masculine and yeah. Als Kind habe ich auch Radiergummis gesammelt. “As a child I did collect erasers as well.” Like all kinds of erasers. I especially loved those burger erasers or fries erasers and I think they’re really cute. schere “scissors” Der schere. Ich verliere immer meine Schere. “I always lose my scissors.” I don’t know what happens to them, but yeah, I’m always looking for scissors. rucksack “backpack” Ich wollte schon immer auf eine Rucksacktour. “I always wanted to go on a backpack tour.” It’s one of my things that I really want to do. It’s on my to-do lists, to go on a backpack tour. Thank you for watching. Today's topic was school supplies and if you have something to say… something to say the same. I hope to see you soon. Bye!