Tutorial Transcript

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is, at the aquarium. [Hai] it sounds like hi. “Shark”, it is [der Hai]. [Mein Tauchlehrer in Ägypten hat mir erzählt sein Traum ist es mal mit einem weißen Hai zu schwimmen.] It was a long sentence. In Egypt, actually “my diving teacher told me his dream is to swim with the white shark”. I actually took marine biology as a subject. I learned that it’s a very intelligent and very – actually harmonious animal but of course every animal has its instincts and when it feels attacked of course, that’s when it attacks. The next one is [Tintenfisch] - “Squid”. [Ich mag keine Tintenfische.] - “I actually don’t like squids”, I don’t know, they are scary and they are just… [Wal] - “whale”. [Das ist mein absoluter Traum einmal einen Wal zu sehen.] - “It is my dream to see a whale” and go whale watching. It’s like crazy, that big of an animal in this big ocean keep the ocean clean. [Hummer] - “Lobster”, it is [der Hummer]. [In einigen Ländern ist Hummer eine besondere Delikatesse.] - “In some countries, Lobster is a specialty”. Let’s leave it at that. [Krabbe] - “Crab”, it is [die Krabbe]. [Ich habe auch öfters Krabben am Strand gesehen.]- “I have actually seen quite a few crabs at the beach”. Why do they walk sideways? I think that’s like so cute... So today’s topic was at the aquarium. I hope you had fun and leave in the comments what’s your favorite experience you’ve had at the ocean or maybe you’ve gone whale watching and can give me tips on where to go and I hope to see you soon, bye. In Egypt, there are Nemos and I was like, ohmy god! That’s – oh my god, they are so cute. I was like….just kidding.