Tutorial Transcript

Hi my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. Today’s topic is ….bugs and insects, not my favorite but okay. I am excited. Okay that’s still okay… [Ameise] - “ant”. [Im Film Bug's Life geht es um Ameisen.] “The movie “A Bug’s Life”, it’s about ants.” [Käfer] Beetle. Yes, you probably know one of the famous cars in Germany is the [VW-Käfer] the Volkswagen Beetle. Yes it’s used in that term too. [Als ich ein Kind war habe ich öfter Käfer gesammelt.] “When I was a child, I actually did kind of collect Beetles” like the cute ones and I kept them in like cute little boxes and wanted to feed them and wanted to raise them and actually but the next day, they were gone. So I was very sad about that but I would give them names and… [Mücke] - “mosquitoes”. Yes don’t we love them in the summer but sometimes it’s just like such a fight. I am just like all over the place fighting and fighting and I am like... uff... [So also Mücken saugen Blut.] - “Mosquitoes suck blood” and it always hurts very much and it’s itchy and it’s very annoying. [Spinne] - “spider”. So [spinnen] means also to spin and also to get crazy and just wild. [Ich habe große Angst vor Spinnen, egal ob klein oder groß.] - “I am very scared of spiders”. It doesn’t matter if they are tiny or big. I always scream and just call my brother or dad or whatever so they can remove it. Well I always ask not to kill them because I don’t want to kill bugs and insects. Well, this one is a cute one [Marienkäfer] - “ladybug”. [Marienkäfer sind normalerweise rot und haben weiße Punkte.] Where I come from like in near Bonn, there is actually once a year, our house like half of the house, the wall is full of ladybugs. So if it’s like one, it’s cute but when your whole wall is like full of them, it’s just like okay they are not that cute actually. [Marienkäfer sind rot und haben schwarze Punkte.] - “Ladybugs are red and have a black spots”. Thanks for watching and I hope you tune in again. See you soon, bye.