Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and this week’s topic is furniture, [Möbel]. [Bett] -- “bed” and in Germany, it’s a neutral word. So [das Bett]. [Ich habe mein Bett selbst angemalt.] - “I painted my bed myself”. I actually really enjoy that. It’s one of my hobbies to buy old vintage furniture making it look new, painting it in different colors. I think that’s very fun and it’s actually very unique and individual. [Bücherregal] - “Bookshelf”. In this case, it would be - [das Bücherregal]. [Mein Bücherregal sieht sehr chaotisch aus.] - “My bookshelf looks very chaotic”. [Esstisch] - “dinner table”. Table is [der tisch] , so it would be [Abends sitze ich gerne mit meiner Familie am Esstisch.] - “in the evening, I like to sit with my family at the dinner table”. [Kommode] - “dresser”. [Kommode] is feminine and it would be [die Kommode]. [Ich habe meine Kommode auch selbst angemalt.] - “I painted my dresser myself.” As I mentioned before, I really like to do that. Painted my own dresser last summer in white and I had a lot of fun in just being creative and just being creative. [Nachttisch] - “Nightstand”. [tisch] is masculine [der tisch] so in this case, it would be [der Nachttisch] even though [Nacht] is feminine [die Nacht ] but when two words come together, in Germany, usually it is the last word that is important. So in this case also it would be [der Nachttisch]. [Der Nachttisch an meinem Bett ist sehr alt und von meiner Oma.] - “The nightstand at my bed is very old and from my grandmother.” Thank you for watching the German weekly words. Today’s topic is furniture. I hope to see you soon, bye.