Tutorial Transcript

hello welcome to German weekly words my name is Alisa and today's topic is at a hotel answer bet single bed and since it is dust bet it's also dust answer bet I'm on a line of hives indeed an answer bed when you go on vacation alone and usually booked a single bed Doppler bed double bed yeah them on not to be right on topic system and double bed well obviously when you are traveling with two people you obviously get a double bed reception front desk it is d reception and the reception come on Mison there feel it in format sooner you buddy started at a slant the common at the front desk and it's possible to get all information on the country or the city you're visiting listen he it is - listen hot stagger good this field electronics listen in hotel and nowadays there's a lot of electronic keys at the hotel or I've hardly seen any with normal keys and thanks Haleh Lobby the app thanks Alice and they're good at responds the lobby is a very good meeting point thank you for watching and tell me your favorite experience at a hotel or vacation in the comments and I hope to see you soon bye you