Tutorial Transcript

Hi welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa. Today’s topic is home tools. [Maßband] - “Tape measure” [Als ich mein Zimmer umdekoriert habe, musste ich alles mit einem Maßband ausmessen.] - “When I redecorated my room, I had to measure everything with the tape measure” and yes, I love to redecorate my room every other month, so it gets like crazy and I like to just change it so I have like a new feeling in my room [Säge] - “saw”. [Ich habe noch nie eine Säge benutzt.] - “I have actually never used a saw”. I am like scared of it. Maybe I have watched too many movies, I am just scared it’s just going to start and kill me. I think it’s going to kill me. [Schraube] - “screw”. [Mein Vater benutzt die Schraube wenn er etwas umbaut.] - “My dad actually uses the screw when he works on the house” or just some stuff at home. [Schraubenzieher] - “screwdriver”. [Ich habe das Talent, immer den falschen Schraubenzieher zu benutzen.] - “I have the talent of always using the wrong screwdriver” actually. You know, there is like plus and minus and I don’t know why but I always end up with the wrong one. [Wasserwaage] - “level”. [Ich musste eine Wasserwaage benutzen, als ich mehrere Bilder in meinem Zimmer aufgehangen habe.] - “I actually had to use the level when I put up a few pictures in my room”. It wasn’t easy actually I thought okay this should be right and then it was like all wrong. So it was very interesting. Thanks for watching guys and leave in the comments maybe what you’ve done in the house or what you enjoy working on with your tools and I hope you watch again soon. Thank you bye.