Tutorial Transcript

Two months have passed since we taught a French course at Syracuse University Alright. Are we all on page 406? We're gonna revise how to conjugate reflexive verbs. There was some homework. The students wrote a lil somethin' somethin' about their experience with us. What did you think of Damon and Jo? Did they give a good presentation? I remember writing essays like this when I was learning French. Yeah but it wasn't about us as Damon and Jo, you know? It's cute. Damon is funny. Each time that... Each time "we" told a joke, people laughed. *each time that Damon told a joke, people laughed* Jo too. They were a bit unorganized. But they "were" a lot of energy. They make videos where they teach their watchers how to speak French. Correct. They represent the importance of diversity. Of two people from different parts of the world who still get along. I think we need more people like Jo and Damon. If I must choose: I want to ask only one question. Do they like ménage-à-trois? We can speak in French if they want! Next. Yesterday I went to the performance by Damon and Jo. In the presentation, they recommended to study in France and throughout the world. I want to fall in love there. Because Damon also fell in love in France. Yesterday morning, they taught my French class. They are the nicest and most interesting people of the class. I thought they were as fun/funny as David. The presentation was good, but very long. Syracuse University gave us three hours to do a presentation. Three hours. That's the way it had to be. Damon and Jo are the most recent international celebrities of social media. I love the way some of these people are describing us. Cuz it's always different? Because I've never... Because I've never described myself in this way. Damon and Jo are internet celebrities. I'm going to watch all of their videos to learn French, while having a good time. They just got another subscriber! When I see them in person, I realize they are just ordinary people like me. I hope they come back soon. I find that Damon and Jo's style is educational and informative. They make very funny videos. I wanted to speak more with Damon and Jo. But when they were in my class, I was nervous. And then, at the event, there were too many people to talk. So in the end, I didn't have the time I wanted to speak with Damon and Jo. What does your family think of your profession? I wanted to ask Damon: how's the man in Paris? What's his name? Damon is very fashionable. I also loved their style. I loved Jo's clothes. Damon is very fashionable. Yep, this outfit is so fashionable. The spectacle inspired me to travel more. Thank you to the students for writing such nice essays. Bisous. See you later.