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Hello everyone, it's Damon and Jo It's Damon and Jo She's in the middle of... Yeah! Like... whatever my shoes... Okay, today we're going to make a small video where I show you my favorite French songs. - And you're going to try to sing? - *You're* going to try to sing! - Yeah...me? I'm going to sing? - Me? Me? Yes, you! I'm going to sing? A few months ago I created a Spotify playlist where I put my best French songs. - And I have some songs too, okay? On this playlist there are surely some that are famous. Like Stromae, Edith Piaf...but we aren't going to do those here. - But what are you doing with your shoes? - My feet...my feet are cold. - Everyone wait for Jo to finish tying her shoes... It's like my French class. It's hoRRible. Okay, don't look. First song... ♫ Laisse moi zoom zoom zang Dans ta Benz Benz Benz ♫ Gal', quand tu te pointe ton bumpa Ca me rends dingue dingue dingue - I don't understand anything but "it's my Benz" - No, it's because his voice is like... (deep) La la la, la la This song is really "dirty" And me I'm ready to like...kick someone's ass. ♫ Baby, baby, baby ♫ Baby, baby, baby ♫ J'veux des plans sur la comète... ♫ Baby, baby, baby Next ! Little boat. I love this one because it's R&B and hiphop ish. Her voice is... Like Ashanti, yeah. ♫ Petit bateau Qu'a échoué dans mon cœur - Petit bateau... ♫ Petit bateau... voyage sans loi ni peine And for some reason this reminds me of MademoiselleGloria (French Youtuber), I don't know why. She probably hates this song, but we'll see. Gloria, do you like "Little Boat"? This next song, I don't know if it's popular, but it's a song that I learned in my French class. Teenager ! ♫ Alors ! Alors ! ♫ Je t'aime, je t'aime ! It's really easy! "What's your name?" Okay, excuse me. Was this song made for French class? - Yes My name is Joanna! - Your name is Damon! - Jean-Luc! Okay, yeah, this one is Brigitte Bardot...Yes, I know we already said that we aren't going to add well-known songs. But this one, I don't think you know this one. - Too much explaining... - Yeah, I'm like... ok! ♫ Je ne reconnais plus personne en Harley Davidson. It reminds me of, I don't know like...Beach Boys or California songs from 1950. Harley Davidson (in a French accent) Wow, it's hard to say in French. Like, when we were in France and when the French tell us. "Ah, like the actor Brad Pitt (in a French accent)" We were like, "what?!" "Arethra Franklin" D: Yeah, like that. J: Who?! ♫ I couldn't say a word just Coco Choco Chanel Coco Chanel Chocolat I don't know why Chanel is there ♫ Coco Choco Chanel Coco Chanel Chocolat It's complicated! "The Passers-by" by Zaz J: by Zaz But you like type of voice right? Yes! I love it. "She Told Me" Go! Go! Do you know this song? What? It was very popular. It was very "Top 40" When I hear a song in French, I really want to go back and study there. The best part of the song... That's it? Damon loves to know the parts in the song with chorus/vocals. He likes... D: Yeah, but who doesn't like that? Me Why? You don't like talent? She doesn't like true talent. Of course, that's it. The last one... It's very... It's Saturday morning with a cup of coffee And there you go, my favorite - they aren't my favorite but just the songs that I know in French. How did you find them? On Spotify or... D: No, it was when I was in France. When I was in France I watched TV or listened to the radio Fun Radio...There was Fun Radio. Happy Radio. Vintage Radio, I think. This is just a small sample of the types of songs I have on my Spotify playlist, but I don't have a lot. But Spotify doesn't have all the songs in the world. Before I finish (trying to figure out the correct grammar) - ugh, it's been a long time since I've spoken French! There's another...by Simple Plan. It's an English song, but they redid it in French. Ahhh, I love it! You need to watch the ad too... (?) It's a song that's very... *whisper* The song that I had learned to sing on stage...for a talent show. But the talent show didn't have a place I learned it for no reason... D: Not for no reason...! The problem is that I learn just a small part of the song D: No, that's not true. You sang the whole thing once. Write down below if you have a well-known song...is it a cheesy song? i think it's a bit cheesy or old. I think all the songs that we know are cheesy. Well, that's all for our songs that are a little "cheesy." Comment below songs that are really cool right now, or songs that you love. You're like pissed... No, words aren't coming out of my mouth today. Also, please subscribe, like this video, and share it with someone who likes French music. So, if you comment below, we can continue to make videos in French, we can improve our French, we can speak with you... D: ...we can give you kisses like this.