Tutorial Transcript

Hey! It's Damon It's Jo! It's Damon and Jo! And today we're going to try to learn the French National Anthem. Let's just click play and see what happens Very dramatic Truly the long version Will it ever start? To the children of the homeland The day of glory has arrived The bloody flag has risen Sanglant means bloody That's my French No, that's my French I'm gonna enter the war! To sing this song, you have to have a nice voice and throat medicine Do you ever sing this in school? Like us in the USA The brainwashed people In the USA you do this I want to know if it's the same thing in France Do you know? I know they're nowhere near as crazy as we are It starts so, like... and then all of a sudden it's like I'm smoking a cigarette on a terrace I don't know. I may have changed my mind. To your weapons, citizens March! March! Impure blood That's already better Tyranny - against us This one's cool! K great. If you want to hire Jo to come over to sing this song Ready She's here for you. That's not the real version Jo No but I love this remix You're not respecting the French culture by doing that It's not good! You make French culture joke You're making joke of culture French You're making a joke of the French culture K I don't know And this isn't making fun of the culture My dancing is never a joke Jo It's a joke to me French people know how to party And you ain't never been to La Java That's all for today What other French songs should we learn the lyrics to? I really did learn Oh cool so let's hear you sing it Exactly Bish Make sure to subscribe We're tryna reach 1,000,000 subscribers See you next time! Kisses. Ciao! Y'all still there? For the Frenchies out there, we read a few comments that said y'all are a lil upset with us If we made a French day of the week, would y'all watch or no? French Fridays Could be great for my French So there's the solution for everyone Yeah so it's not for you, it's for me Ok leave a comment below if you'd like that!