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It was just a normal day We were in the airport And we were late... But before taking the airplane, we stopped at a store And it was right there where we bought something that would change our lives The Treasures of "I love reading!" For children 8 years and older Yep 8 years and up! In the airport we were like... If 8 year old French children can understand this can we understand this? That's the real question Do we have the same level as they do? Today we're about to find all that out! Let's begin Chapter 1: Linda Wants to Leave Kitty is right next to a cliff Ok so Kitty is a person Well duh But what about "falaise?" When she sees a stranger come near her (stutters) Yeah mhm First...he puts his hand on his chest And he introduces himself Dick. It's Kitty...and Dick? Now it's really a storytime! Kitty's Idea: Oh, is it to play with Dick? 8 years and older - French kids get started young! Nino, The Dreamer Chapter 1 Nino lived in a fishermen village near the Mediterranean (stutters) He was the baker's son (stutters) Words came to him, to his lips Such poetry The words...came to his lips He'd fabricate sentences that he'd keep all to himself What are we going to do with you! Dreaming: that's not a job! Such a good subject for this channel Shut up and go Cuz you gotta be just like Nino a dreamer "Dreaming doesn't make money" Well dreaming can make your life And now we'll do a little scene No luck for Ariol! No it's not "nothing!" I cut open my knee!!! You want a tissue? You gotta take time with this book Wow, Dick! While reading Nino's story, you've learned many new words! That's for sure La poupe is the back of the boat Who wants to clean the poopdeck? "He's going to arrive!" - says Kitty with a little voice Kitty announces "Dick is going to stay with us!" Of course Dick is going to stay with her Oh yeah Kitty wants Dick to stay with her "Everyone likes him here too!" And you a little too much, Kitty Just a little too much Kitty and Linda look out very far toward to the sea And a point appears She sees it getting bigger, little by little Who? Dick? So there you have it! That's the end of The Adventures of Storytime in French I think it's a pretty good way to learn a language because, well, all French people have already done it You can buy these books on Amazon of course We can put the links below for you for The Treasures of "I love reading" Or better yet you gotta go to an airport to pick it up So it looks like you gotta shut up and go (says in a French way) What? It works! Shut up poke peyoke? Shut up et go-ez! Wow, she doesn't even know our motto! I thought it was French that I didn't know! You don't even know our own brand! Ciao Gonna keep reading this book cuz you know...I'm 8 (stutters) Ciao, see you, bye! And if we want to do another book, more advanced Just a little dry "Paris" From year, what, like, 1980? It's written by DIck also It's an eloquent book Dunno how to say "eloquent" in French? Yeah let's go back to our level On the topic of talking a bit dirty with Dick and Kitty we have another book that could be interesting for you Talk Dirty: French! "Flirt" like you and me If you know of other words we should know in daily French, write em below Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Bisous, kisses! See you later!