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1, 2, 3 - go for it! Hey everyone - today we're here again for another episode of "Who's Telling The Truth?" "Who's Lying?" Something like that...What's the name again? If you've seen the other two videos There was someone who told a fake story And it wasn't me. Well, maybe it was me Maybe it was me? But no, cuz I always tell the truth. If you want to know who lied in the last video, click below for the answer Today is a different theme though: the first time we went out in Paris Ok so like... We're each going to tell a story It's up to you to comment who you think is the big ol' liar Is it me or Damon? And at the end of this video, we'll tell you who it is! So, the real story goes like this... The first time I went out in Paris if I can remember it was at Mixclub Yeah, of course it was at Mixclub I got an invitation to go to Mixclub because on Thursdays they have an Erasmus night Since I was a foreigner in Paris, I wanted to go! It's the night with all the foreigners who are on exchange in Paris So I get into the club, or, well I try to get into the club At 19 years old, I looked even more like a baby than I do now so it was kind of hard We went to the dancefloor, started to dance, and put back a drink or two or three... ok, four. And then! There were two hosts of the night who went on stage to announce something Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we're going to have a competition a DANCE competition And I was like, oh, no no no, not me What we need is one volunteer from each country on stage now! All of my friends were like, Damon, Damon, you know all the songs! I don't know if you guys saw that one video I was like no no no, not me. I'm shy, 19, I look like a baby, and I just don't want to do it They started pushing me toward the stage and I was like... OK LET'S GO GET EM! On stage were all the other volunteers from France, Germany, Spain, and Poland. So they put on the first song And it's a French song. A French-African song. That I know well CUT! Who sings it again? I know the lyrics... Moussier Tombola! I'm the only one who knows the song, so I start doing the choreography I was legit the only person who knew it At the end of the song, they asked the audience who won? Guess who won? After the competition they offered me free drinks for the rest of the night So of course I gave a drink to my friend...a drink to my other friend So, if you think I'm telling the turth or I'm lying, comment below your thoughts! Jo, I'm done! If I were there, I'd win too. Next to me, that's not sure. Next to the me, is the big liar. I go out a lot I got out a lot alone (a little bit too much) (she's telling the truth because she really does go out a lot) So, you were saying... The first time I went out in Paris...it was like (a fake story!) My friend Emily asked if I wanted to go out with her Parisian friends It's a really cool club in the middle of Paris It's the only time I'm here...let's go It's the kind of club that is super pretentious Nobody was dancing. Nobody even smiles. They just hold their drinks like this She was next to a table with pretty girls and a fat old man in the middle of all these pretty girls He bought drinks for the entire table Not at all my style, but you invited me, so yeah I'll stay I swear the man was just like a man out of the movies old, fat man who pays for everything He was a true sugar daddy I went up to him and said, "Hey I'm Jo. Nice to meet you." He responds,"You're beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?" And that was our conversation. After, I did a little scan Don't think that's a French word, but I like it I looked to see if there was someone interesting I could talk to I left the club without my friend Emily And I met a group of cool Parisian guys What are you doing? Do you like Paris? Do you want to come over? We live at Passy, just next to the Eiffel Tower Cuz if you want to come, get in and let's go! And I thought to myself, yeah this might be dangerous But, I did it anyway It was so cool! A scene out of a French film We drove so fast and all I could think of was how my mom would yell at me And I noticed the Eiffel Tower and said, "wow Jo, this is a night you won't ever forget" The kind of night that you'll tell your kids one day So cool - but I went home to my host family at 8am How embarassing - I walked in with my high heels and my little black dress My host mom was the middle of cooking Anyway, that's my story. The real one Comment below, "Jo I think you're telling the truth!" cuz I'm the one telling the truth! Now comment below who you think is telling the truth and who is lying! Yes of course...it's me! yeah, who lied And if you really want to know who told the truth, you gotta wait 10 seconds Shall we begin? Y'all ready? It was... It was Jo! who told... the truth! Jo told the true story No, unfortunately my story was fake Yeah yeah we all know that Damon can dance If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up! And subscribe! We're about to hit 100k subscribers! And that's all folks We'll give you a bisous And goodbye!