Tutorial Transcript

Hi everybody, it's Damon, it's Jo and it's Damon and Jo and Anthonin Anthonin is here A: I have a youtube channel, where i do random stuff some days i try new stuffs J: Talking about trying new stuffs, that's what we're going to today ! D: We went to the supermarket and we noticed some products J: Here in LA, in the USA, there's a culture a "culture" about French food A: I can't wait to see what you're going to show me ! Make me try French products I didn't knew were French D: You're going to try some good stuffs J: First thing first, coffee "French press" "French vanilla cream" and "French roast" Here we go A: Wait, French vanilla J: What does it mean ? A: B***h where ? Vanilla does not only exist in France J: We thought it was about marketing because French people like to be stylish, so Americans want to be like you so it's important to know that D: French coffee is not that size D: This is really popular here, everybody uses "French vanilla" A:Oh really ? D: Really !! Cheers !! it's so gooooood !! That's why guys ! J: NEEEEEXT D: Let's make some space J: It's burning D: My new sofaaaa J: Wow, my legs are burning J: It's Damon's fault D: Me? No, no, no ! it's not even me D: See how she's treating me A: We will found out with the slow motion Now A: It's not that bad because now the table is clean D: I'm out of here J: And im wearing a new outfit, we know why. D: Next try: French toast J: You make it with bread , eggs and you eat it for breakfeast with syrup A: Is it when the bread is already a bit moldy ? J: yes A: Ohh In France it's called "Pain perdu" D: Yes that's it ! that's it that's it that's it J: Pain perdu really ? A: So it's not really a French recipe D: Here you go A: I feel like it's a little bit.. J: Drier A: Drier that it has to be D: It's a french stuff A: yes D: you recognise that its french D: It's not french D: It's a bit french D: it's pain perdu A: Idk where is that from, but in france it's called " Pain Perdu " A: But i know that they also do it in spain so D: Alright J: And the next thing is A: Green beans, but in france it's not like that D: We can't forget the sauce " Creamy french " A: WHAAAAT NOOO NOOO A: Okay so this colour is the kind of colour that you don't see in france A: it's really a chemical colour A: So i like the fact that on the picture A: there's only veggies A: On the back it's like ... A: intact, no veggies A: Woaaaw D: It's greasy D: Can't wait ! A: On The side ! A: No I can't A: I don't want to do it guys J: Don't eat, don't eat J: there's not really a taste A: Its not that bad J: we didn't put salt in it A: What's that ?! D: It's a french baguette A:" Who's this " J: We're gonna see the size J: Voila A: It looks like a huge phone J: Hi mom ! A: This is absolutely not a french thing guys, its just a brioche J: but here we have french fries A: "french" no that's not french A: Those are the type of fries that you wouldn't find in france A: You can only find those at Burger king, american fastfoods A: its kind of a cultural misunderstanding because there's a country That eat a lot of fries & it's not France but they speak french, do you know what country this is ? D&J : BELGIAN ! A: Yeah ! Belgium A: i'm sorry but belgian isn't a country, its Belgium D: Belgium ! A: Okay, now let's try that A: It's really a brioche J: It's huge D: I can't ! D: no but even when we're on this supermarket section D: We are like " No there's nothing with french bread !" I apologise D: So we have some " french onion dip" D: wait, you have to see that A: No, no, that looks awful D: Look A: STOOOPPP ! A: I I don't wanna smell that A: Can I hold your hand ? D: And we have more "French bread" to dip in there A: Not french at all J: We can "toast" A: What the heck is inside ?! J: it may have a surprise inside ! D: 3..2..1 D: im going to spit in the trashcan D: It's really Disgusting A: There's 20 tastes at the same time J: So we finished everything , sadly D: idk how A: The answer to " is it french " is no A: Nothing was french really And i think that french people should make a petition To bann those products, we have to contact our president tell him & let people know & to revolt ourselves to have some respect toward France and its food D: Also we did a video on Anthonin's channel A: on that video Damon & Joe got really scared because we did a " try to dont scare jump " D: Subscribe to us & to him J: comment down bellow is there something crazy here, in the US that is french but not really french A: Yeah A: And yeah, french i hope you're gonna be mad at americans D: No but we are also american and we don't agree A: It's because you guys travel J: Alright, i'm going to brush my teeth ! A: bye !