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Whaddup it's Damon It's Jo and it's Damon and Jo Today we're gonna do something We're going to read Damon's notebook from 1970 Not but seriously Recently we enrolled in a French class because we wanted to practice improve take our French to the next level We haven't changed much but our level has And every time we study a language a note book to write all the words all the expression we don't know two verbs that mean "to know" in french (that we always get wrong) French probz First page! I really like the first page All the words I've learned since February 24th Damon, you're in Paris for one reason and one reason only Learn French Ok, there are other reasons too Travel, meet cool people, etc but if you return to NYC and you can't speak French That's gon' be a problem So now we'll see if I remember any of these words or if I even know the words This was Damon circa 2012, right? Yep Ok, so you were a petit bébé You weren't like you are now Here's a pic I was pretty damn handsome To be on one's guard In the evening Wait, I don't know Even in English I don't know the difference Hasty Snap That means to do a prank Yeah and that's not our thing We hate that If you ever thought, "Oh I'm gonna prank Damon and Jo" No. Yeah, you'll see when you get back to your apartment As I break my sofa To know To To have the... Yeah To have the story Yeah, Jo I understand I got all of that If you speak to Damon and me, I do the same thing in another language That can be French, Portuguese, whatever Where are you going with this? And you speak normally And you say something that we don't know We're going to write it down So for me, I'm like, what was the conversation that made you feel the need to write the word "diaper?" Well I haven't told you yet but there's a little kid in France and he's mine It's mine Why did I write "skeleton?" Why'd I write "gutter?" Why'd I write "cheapskate?" Boring Pioneer Pawn Hollow To be going through a rough spell Swollen The bare minimum To take on (a subject) Cheers! Those have nothing to do with each other Oh well would you look at that I got a ten! ...out of twenty Thanks for watching this video Thanks for listening to all the weird things Damon wrote in his notebook It's necessary to learn words like that and then lose them all We enrolled (messes up) We enrolled (messes up again) We enrolled in a French course (messes up a third time) And for a good reason! We started taking a French class So yep, we'll keep writing all the words and expressions that we don't know And maybe we can keep making videos like this And maybe the next language I learn will be Sign language The language of signs It was seriously the word right there Comment below if you liked this video Also share it! See y'all next time! Kisses. Bisous. Ciao. Ahhh, the word that you should know To be late To be late That's me...always And I'm late all the time because I'm Brazilian That's my excuse That's not an excuse You can't just generalize cultures like that, Jo Enough is enough! Yeah, enough is enough. Like seriously, you're too much Intensity! So freaking weird