Tutorial Transcript

Maybe you're a YouTuber. And you publish three videos a week. You can make videos that are cool diverse DYNAMIC funny interesting inspirational But the most important thing is that you create a video that your subscribers are going to like. But how do you do that? So it's the big day to publish a video on YouTube. You wake up. You gently get up. You think about what you're going to make today. But... NOTHING Today you want to make a video. But right now, you want to make some eggs. You look at it to find inspiration but NOTHING To watch some cool videos, You check out some of your favorite YouTubers. You check out yours. Nothing again. Now you start to worry. You go into a room to think more clearly. You look in your eyes and you think: a creator who doesn't create videos, is he a true creator? "Who are you?" you think. NOTHING. To avoid all the stress, you take a French book. Ooh! There's a quote by Matisse in here. "There are flowers everywhere for who wants to see them" And that's it! HOW TO FIND IDEAS FOR A VIDEO A job well done.