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Hey Wassup Yep it's Damon and I'm in Paris Again... I love Paris Yeah there are things that really piss me off here but overall, one of the things I love the most in France French food. Well, French food that I can eat As a vegetarian in Paris, my options are a bit limited Also due to my budget Seriously though Don't care if avocado toast costs $15 There is no way I'm paying $15 for something you can buy at Monoprix for maximum $3 Damn that was Parisian Parisian! I'm not at all Parisian Don't know if y'all remember I took a quiz one time that told me I'm -7% Parisian Yeah no one's shocked by that French food - I love it Milk Yogurt Salad Baguettes Marron Suis YOP Chocolat Anything and everything at Picard And especially the quiches Typically I'd go to the boulangerie to get one But this time it's all changing cuz I, an American in Paris I'm gonna attempt to prepare a French meal À l'Americain Basically, it'll be gross It's my first time cooking a quiche Also the first time I'm cooking Ok where's the oven even? Wait, I think this is the oven Don't even know if this is possible with this Damn it's so hot tho That's why there's no oven here! I googled "cheese quiche" cuz I'm a vegetarian When you go to the boulangerie, you have the choice Goat cheese and spinach quiche... Tomato Mozzarella quiche... This time we're making quiche... with whatever's in my fridge Basically, it'll be gross For this recipe, I'll need Goat cheese Fresh cream Emmental cheese Spinach leaves Eggs (cage-free c'mon) Lil bit of salt and pepper But I don't really know why And the dough C'mon I didn't forget And hell yeah it's the store brand I'm a cheap-ass I'm watching my neighbor. He's cooking. Maybe he can teach me a thing or two. Step one: Preheat the oven to 180 I don't know if y'all Frenchies have realized but numbers in French are a bunch of bologna For example, 80 for you Well there is no word for 80 You say 4 times 20 It's like an equation So 4 times 20 equals 80, and that's how you say 80. 70, is not just 70. It's 60 plus 10, which equals 70 So that's why IDK if I turned this on correctly Let me just check with my hand...noooooo Kidding Let's do this Step two: Unravel the dough Ok step zero: wash your hands Do it a lil like this Wait. Hold up. You have to have a pie dish but this is all I found here This already looks gross Already did it all wrong Don't forget to use this Wow looks so good Seriously K. Let's just move on. Step three: Get your eggs. Add cream. All this? Who's in the mood to eat rn? It's a disaster in the kitchen... Step four: add cheese So let's go ahead and do that "Verser" on the pie crust What's "verser" mean? Ok. If the meal is getting a lil gross, just add goat cheese. Misako (friend) Whatcha doing? Yeah. Step...I don't even know what number Pour the odd mixture over the other odd mixture This being my first time, I don't know if this is how it's supposed to look Excuse me, is this what it should look ilke before the oven? Oh you again. You got another question? Royal Palace, Champs Elysées Road Oh it looks FINE It'll be fine and if not, I'll just go to one of the 300 boulangeries in the street Last step: Close the oven door and pray for the best Setting my alarm and calling a French person asap 28 minutes later 2 more minutes till our famous quiche ...is ready Maybe if I put the spinach over the quiche People won't see that it's not fully cooked It'll, in fact, hide the quiche I need a fork Yeah you do Misako, she's gonna try it Cheese. Wait this is good I'm even suprised! Seriously this is fine Conclusion: some parts aren't so cooked and other parts that are too cooked Not my fault! A little bit my fault. Exactly Y'all heard it yourselves. She wants some. Final, final step: add more spinach to hide the quiche you just made. Thanks for watching this video Click like if you liked the video! Leave a comment below: Some cooking tips. Some kitchen tips. Cuz I suck in the kitchen. Make sure to subscribe! We're trying to hit 1,000,000! And see you next time! Bisous It's my first time cooking a chef Oh you're leaving I'm cooking all this and you're leaving You see how people treat me. My friends treat me like that. So to recap Thank you You're welcome.