Tutorial Transcript

We're two Americans We live in New York Well, Brazilian-American Yeah, but you're still American Today we're gonna talk about unpronounceable words in French for Americans Well, for us...in French! You know someone named Aurélien You wanna talk about it? Awwww, my friend Aurélien His name is so hard, so every time I see him, I say, "Hi...friend!" Hi "A!" You tired or what? Am I boring you? I'm exhausted. I don't even know if that word exists. Every word with "r" is just lame. It's...gross I don't know if you have the same problem, but I have a problem with "ou" and "u" For example... Like neck (cou) and ass (cul) Exactly! Yes, for example! Night (nuit) Noodles (nouilles) Yeah it's hard. The car crashes/collides with...(heurter) That one's not hard to say. Yeah I don't know why I included that one... To prefer (préférer) isn't that hard for me Well no, but the verb "to prefer" in the conditional is. So basically, "I would prefer" Yeah so there we go. If you guys have understood something about your language, it's that The letter "r," the combinations of vowels... What else? "ou" and "e" So...vowels, then? And more sounds like "ou" and "u" And then with "eur" and "eurtre" Like who created this letter? We're gonna get rid of the letter "r" from all the languages and then it'll all be better. (singing a French song) Finish the lyric! I don't know that song! Of course you do! Like what is it? We listened to that song when we lived in Paris. We're gonna leave you with that. In the comments below, write the words that are unprounceable for you as French speakers when you speak in English And I'm going to show her the song because it's crazy that you don't know it I'm exhausted and that's that.