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Hey Welp, here we are again Today we're gonna talk to you about something else Don't worry, it's not so risqué this time We're gonna talk about the first time we went to college in Paris It wasn't a good day; nope, actually it was horrible If you guys watched the other video, look below to see who told the truth and who lied That's where we put who told the truth...and who lied... Click!! First I'm gonna tell my story then Jo will tell hers! But it's up to you to comment below, who is lying here! because one of these stories is really real The first day of college for me... I went to the University of Paris 7 It wasn't the best day for me I didn't really look well at my schedule So I went to my class, but the thing is Buildings in France are not like buildings in the USA So I'm looking for the room, and I look all over the first floor And so I'm like, the first floor in the USA is the ground floor It's the FIRST floor But I was in France, and the first floor isn't the first floor in the USA The first floor in France is the second floor in the USA So I'm looking all over the ground floor I find nothing Then I ask someone And they say, "oh but you're on the wrong floor" Oh you're on ground floor and it's on the first floor So I say, we ARE on the first floor, are we not? So the nice person who probably thought I was like so dumb took me to the first floor where my class was going to take place So I get to the door, but the doors at the university where I was studying There wasn't a window to see if there was a class inside So I'm like, well there's no one in the hallway Maybe everyone is already inside? Maybe I'm just late? The door is closed, so I open it! I see there are a lot of people inside and since everyone was quiet, I thought that since it's the first day everyone was just nervous I sit down and take out everything from my bag Then I see everyone is looking at me And the professor says to me Young man I look at him and say "what?" He responds "you're late" I say "This is French Linguistics, right?" I look around me and everyone is like and there we go, I now understand I'm not in French Linguistics and then it was so awkard, because when I left My entire class was now in the hallway It was so awkard How do you even say "awkward?" That's another word that doesn't really exist in French. Then I left and went to that one vending machine thing that exists like only in France where you can buy a little tiny espresso for 40 cents but me, as someone who likes big coffees, I never thought that THAT was enough That was my first horrible day at my French university Now Jo is going to tell you about her first day In Paris, I lived with a host family who lived really far my university The first day I had no idea the trip to my university would last an hour I left my house with 30 minutes to get to my university Since I lived an hour away, I had to take 3 metros I had to go up the stairs, down the stairs, up , down Maybe after six times of doing that, my pants, that were super tight RIPPED! IN THE SUBWAY! And what do you think happened? My underwear was exposed to everyone on the train Now what am I gonna do? It's my first day of university. Since it was the first day, I couldn't just go home. So I had to go to school for my first day, with my ripped pants I don't know if that's normal In the metro, I decided to put my sweatshirt at my hips to cover up my butt to go to my university So in the first 15 minutes of the class, the professor asked everyone to tell how they got to Paris and why they're there When it was my turn to speak First off, I hate public speaking I hate that I get really nervous I stand up to tell my story What I didn't realize was that my sweatshirt was stuck on my seat So when I stood up, my butt was exposed to the entire class And I just felt a light breeze And when I realized my butt was exposed to the entire class, I wanted to yell and hide But I could just sit back down and laugh and be embarassed How do you say "embarassed?" because it was the perfect word to express that I didn't make any friends Just me and my ripped pants Who's lying? Who's telling the truth? You gotta comment below! We don't know! I just don't know who's lying! And I know it's super important for you to know who's lying and who's telling the truth here Next time, we'll tell you who's the big ol' liar Subscribe! Comment below! Like this video! Comment a lot of things! Follow us on snapchat (damonandjo)! All of that And well...that's it, I'm done! Who's the big liar?