Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone! It's Jo. It's Damon. That's my camera... J: And on the computer. D: And the laptop is broken. Again... It's Damon. It's Jo. And it's Damon and Jo. In Paris. We're in Paris. We're in France. We've seen Paris. We consider ourselves true Parisians. We know the habits of Parisians. J: We do them sometimes...Today- D: Sometimes. One time I took a test called "Are you Parisian? But... Where did you find this test and when? Because for me, it's not like one day I wake up and I think: J: Ah I'm going to take a test to know if I'm a Parisian! D: No, no D: Because one time I subscribed to a newsletter from a website called Paris Zig Zag. And the result the first time you took the test? I received -6% okay! Negative six??? J: I didn't know it was possible to have less than zero! D: Me neither! Start the test here! To you, a hipster is...? ...a breed of hamster. ...a by-product of gutter punks. ...Gillette: Male Perfection ...or it's only marketing. In a year it'll be over. Now I know why you got -6. These options are trash! That's why I got -6! The options are complete trash! Okay, I'm going to choose "It's only marketing." D: Okay, that's fine. When someone says "Pigalle" to you, you think: ...Moulin Rouge ...Metro Line 2 and Line 12 ...Sexodrome and also Chinese massage parlors We know what that means... Dirty Dick, Mansart, Glass & co Okay, I'm going to choose Moulin Rouge. D: Ooh, tourist... Because I don't know...Moulin Rouge is... Yeah, it's there. When someone asks you out to brunch: Brunch is a "has been," now it's Frunch Jogging before, and a little exposition after! Too early but if we push it back to 7 PM I'll come! That's me. D: Yeah... J: No it's because I LOVE sleeping. NEXT! It's 12:28 AM and you need to head home for the night: It's before meeting at Concrète. Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! ...Uber?! J: That's me. The good old combo: bus and a kebab Sometimes that's me too. D: So it's... J: Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! ...Uber! D: That's so you. Are you Parisian?! 22%! You're 22%! And we're proud of like 22%... You are the croque-madame. (ham, cheese, and egg sandwich) And yes, that's me. I love croque-madame! Wow 22%! I didn't know I was that Parisian! ...because this test is so official! Yeah, now I know. I'm going to wear a shirt that says "I AM PARISIAN." Your perfect evening is with your buddies on the Grands Boulevards. D: And now the bouncer at Cafe Oz... J: I was there! D: ...gives you a big kiss. Your neighborhoods: Châtelet, Bastille, Grands Boulevards I was there all week! I'm Parisian!!! D: ...yeah Cafe Oz is so Parisian... 22% is nothing at all. I believe I can get higher than -6%. Less than six is not possible... Okay I'm going to retake the test but fast fast fast. (You get to a bar and a pint costs 8 euros. You think:) Yes, it's a scandal and I leave immediately. You aren't going to pay 20 Euros for soft-boiled eggs. -7%!!! D: It can't be true... No it's not true, why?! Damon is -7% Parisian. It's okay if I can speak French. I'm not going to like... J: ...try to... D: ...hit myself on the head because... If there was a question on how many baguettes with cheese you eat in a day... D: But it's not even that. No, like, I know cool places. It's just like...they don't know how cool I am in the Parisian world. We aren't Parisian...we're travelers, so... We're going to put the link to this test in the... J: Stressed out. ...the description box below. Yes, we want to see your results because it's really impressive. Is it "vos" or "votre"? (French grammar question) Yeah, it's so impressive to get -6% on a test. That's so good! "Vos" or "votre"? Don't be sad. Second time that happens! Get out of here! You aren't Parisian! D: I'm not sad about my results but... J: Don't be sad. D: ...I'm going to unsubscribe from Paris Zig Zag.